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Poivre des Îles (Le) is a small company from Quebec situated in St-Hubert. It exists since 1984. At that time, the company specialized especially in the purchase and the sale of High Quality peppers. The black pepper came from India and the Indonesian islands whereas the green pepper and pink were imported from Madagascar, Maurice island and the Reunion island from where the name "Le Poivre des Îles".

Quebec spice

Currently Poivre des Îles (Le) manufacture Spices mixes and Marinade spices to marinate meats and fish.

Here is briefly what we offer on the market

More than
            100 Exclusive Seasonings.
            150 Varieties of Spices and Fines Herbs.
            10 Marinade spices to Marinate meats and fish.
            4 Dehydrated Sauces.

The products are available for Groceries, Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions. For the groceries, we have the ZIP format, the 100 ml and 250 ml bottle. For the cooks, delicatessens etc. we dispose of the 1 liter format and bags of 2, 5, 10 and 25 lbs.


In groceries, the products are available in more than 1000 shops, they can be found especially in specialized markets : butcheries, fish shops, delicatessen, fruit and vegetables. Some High Quality products from Poivre des Îles (Le) for meats or fish are also available at Metro and IGA.


We sell our products in all the areas of Quebec, of New Brunswick and in the East of Ontario. If however, you cannot find a product from Poivre des Îles in your area, ask your butcher to call us, we will be please to serve him.


Let us finally say that Poivre des Îles (Le) helps the social life of its community. The company employs 10 people and is used to prepare students for the work market.

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