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Why choose Poivre des Îles (le) ?

If you are looking for quality produts that are different on the level of the taste and quality. If you wish to be distinguished from the competition, we have more than 100 exclusive mix of spices. More than 150 varieties of spices and fine herbs of the first quality coming from the best places of the world on the level of the production of spices. Our origan comes from Greece, the Flat Parsley one of best comes from Israel and Italy, the vanilla from Madagascar, the pepper of India and Indonesia, Saffron of Spain etc…


Does levels of quality really exist in spices ?

There exists as many kind of quality of peppers and spices as there exists of quality of meat, quality of wines or quality of coffee. Spices can be found in various qualities. It is our duty to make sure you taste what there is best on the market.


Which formats you sell ?

We have the ZIP bag, the bottle, the duo, the pot, the liter and finally in bags of 2, 5, 10 and 25 lbs.


Do you have spice mixes without salt for the meat ?

Yes, we have several spice mixes without salt. If you wish an exclusive product, we can also make it for you. However, we need a minimum volume on a regular basis.


Do you make Marinades ?

Yes, we have dry Spice Marinades to marinate all the meats. The butcher format at $3,00 the unit is available for the delicatessens or those who make preparation in groceries. The house marinades are not made for marinating with pressure but to marinate in oil.


Which products are available ?

150 varieties of spices and fine herbs
100 exclusive mixes
10 Marinades for meats and fish
4 basic sauces (Peppers, Hamburger Steak, Poutine, BBQ).


Where are the products from Poivre des Îles (le) available ?

You can find our products in most of the specialized markets, in butcheries, fish shops, delicatessen, fruit and vegetables. We are currently are in more than 1000 stores located in Quebec, New Brunswick and the east of Ontario.


How to buy your products ?

Contact us and we will ask the representative of your area to meet you.

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What is the minimal order to buy directly from Poivre des îles ? Who pays for transport ?

for Groceries :
An minimum order of 10 cases (6 Bottles) or of 100$. The delivery is free and ensured within 48 hour normally.
for Restaurants :
It takes from 2 to 4 working days of the date of reception of the order.

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What are the prices of the products ?

Identify the desire products and contact us, it will be with pleasure that we will inform you on the prices.


What are your businesses hours ?

Monday at Thursday from 8:00 to 15 pm
Friday from 8:00 to 14 pm


Do you have a store ?

No, we do not have any stores. We sell only to other shops, we deliver directly to the retailer. It is not possible to come to the factory and buy on the spot some products.


What is the mode of payment ?

for Groceries :
The first order must be paid on delivery. The subsequent orders you have 21 days to pay.
for Restaurants :
You must pay cash (COD) on reception of the goods. The payment must be ready at the moment of the delivery.


Does Poivre des Îles (le) have products without salt ?

Poivre des îles is a manufacturer of spice mixes and specialized seasonings. We have already several products without salt, sugar, GMS or additives. If it is necessary we can even develop new products according to your needs.

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What are the delivery hours ?

Monday to Friday from 8 to 5 p.m.


For additional information
Contact us
tel : 450-656-1020
fax : 450-656-1040


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