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Why choose Poivre des Îles (le) for your fundraising ?

Because it is a company which offers top quality and exclusive seasonings. If you seek a different solution from the sale of chocolate, we are an alternative.


Is it profitable to sell products from Poivre des Îles ?

50% of profit, it is guaranteed (sale by catalogue). It goes without saying, more you sell, more you increase your profits.

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What is the duration of a fundraising Campaign ?

3 weeks


How many different products are sold in a fundraising Campaign ?

More than 100 products are available. The products change according to the seasons and we constantly have new products.

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Do we have to buy the products ?

No investment is required for your organization if you sell by catalogue. The payment by check is done only at the reception of the orders. However if you wish to have products with the case for immediate sale, you must pay the goods on reception by check.

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Who assumes the cost of transport ?

Poivre des Îles assume all the costs of transportation for shipments that we make (order sheets to fill and spices). However, the shipment of order sheets filled are the responsibility of the customer.

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Are the products taxables ?

No, there is neither TPS, nor TVQ on all our products.

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If we sell the products by catalogue who ensures the assembly of the orders?

Poivre des Îles (le) entirely ensure the assembly of each purchase order. It gathers it by salesman and group. It is distribute in each group of salesmen, the salesmen finally give them to the clients.

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Can we trust Poivre des Îles (le) ?

Poivre des Îles (le) is a Small Quebec Company which exists since 1984. It has an excellent reputation as well on consumers side as retailers. More of 1000 specialized merchants of Quebec, of New Brunswick, East of Ontario sell already our products. You will find them mainly in delicatessen, butcheries, fish shops, fruit and vegetables, at Metro, IGA… Since May 2005, we are recognized like food prepared in Quebec.
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What quality of products you sell for the Fundraising Campaigns?

We only sell products of the first quality. We choose the areas recognized for their products and the suppliers who make sure of quality at all moments. Moreover, the spices are packed up as soon as we receive them in order to capture the maximum of flavour. Finally to maintain quality, the spices are preserved in dark places and are safe from humidity.

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How much time does it takes to receive the purchase orders?

The purchase orders (catalogues products) are send in the 48 hours following the inscription.


How to registered in a Fundraising Campaign ?

You must first contact us to identify yourself and identify your organization, to specify the date of the beginning and end of your campaign and the number of participants.

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Is this possible to meet a representative?

Yes, it will please us to meet you or meet your committee.

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Are they a third party involved with the company and the organization?

No, you deal directly with the company without any third party.

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For additional information
Contact us
tel : 450-656-1020
fax : 450-656-1040

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