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Why choose Poivre des Îles (le) ?

You are looking for an original and different corporative gift to give to your clients, employees, friends at work or school, family, then buy them exclusive seasonings from Poivre des Îles (le).

cadeau épices

Does there really exist a quality in spices ?

There exists as many kind of quality of peppers and spices as there exists of quality of meat, quality of wines or quality of coffee. Spices can be found in various qualities. It is our duty to make sure you taste what there is best on the market.

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What is the quality of the products you sell ?

We only sell products of first quality. We choose the areas recognized for their products and suppliers who make sure of quality. Moreover, the spices are packed up as soon as we receive them in order to preserve the maximum of savour. Finally to maintain quality, the spices are stored in dark spaces safe from humidity.

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How much time does it takes to receive my order ?

3 to 5 open days :
Commercial case (case of 12 bottles)

10 to 15 open days :
Luxury wood case (case of 4 bottles)

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Which places do you deliver ?

All east of Canada and the west provinces. However minimal conditions of purchase are required. We can also ship to other countries.

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What is the cost of transport ?

Free transport under certain conditions.

N.B. Poivre des Îles (le) reserves the right to refuse any order which does not answer its transport and safety criteria.

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What is the mode of payment ?

You must pay (COD) on delivery
3 choix:
               A) Cash
               B) Certified check
               C) Money order

A cashdown of 50% is required before delivery

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What are the delivery hours ?

Monday at Friday from 8 to 5 p.m.

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Where is the invoice ?

Inside the box sent. The TPS and TVQ are indicated on the invoice.

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For all additional information
Contact us
tel : 450-656-1020
fax : 450-656-1040

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